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1. Can i use it with braces
Yes, the mouth guard can be used with braces provided the original fitting was done while the braces were on.

2. How many pieces are required?
Only one piece is required to be used at once. The mouth guard allows the user to leave imprints of both upper and lower teeth for perfect fitting.

3. How long does it last?
The mouth guard can last for as long as a year provided it is not stretched out of shape.

4. How many times can I mold it?
The mouth guard can be molded up to six times.

5. How does the mouth guard work?

The mouth guard is designed to shift the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent the tongue from obstructing the airways while asleep. It needs to be fitted correctly and then placed in the mouth when going to sleep. It can be fitted to any adult mouth using hot water as per the instructions here

6. How can I breathe while using the mouth guard?
The mouth guard has a hole in front of it which should be left opened while molding. This hole allows free breathing while you sleep.

7. Roughly how long will it take to receive my purchased item?

Domestic shipping delivery times are on average 1-6 business days. These times will vary depending on a number of unforeseen issues like bad weather, customs clearance etc.

8. Do you ship products overseas or internationally?

We provide a once off $25.00 postage fee for overseas shipment. Average Delivery Duration of approximately 14 days.

9. Your only payment method was paypal and I am not setup for paypal.

On the Paypal page you will notice that there is also a secure credit card payment and bank deposit option at the bottom of the page.
This allows users who do not have Paypal to make payment using their credit cards.