1. Put the mouthpiece in a container.
2. Boil some water to 100 degrees Celsius
2. Pour the hot water into the container till it has  the mouthpiece fully submerged.
3. Pull it out from the water after 2-5 seconds.
4. Leaving the front spacer in place, insert the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite to mold it to fit  your mouth. Please note that If the front spacer is removed, the hole will be sealed.
Press the front part of it while fitting in order to obtain the most comfortable fitting.
5. Remove it after you are satisfied that all your teeth have their impressions on the mouthpiece.

6. You may repeat the process if the fitting is not comfortable or satisfactory

Once the fitting process is done;
Simply insert the Anti Snoring mouth piece (comfortably) in to your mouth before you go
to sleep
and rest assured your nights of snoring are over!

PLEASE NOTE: The recommended period of usage is 30 days.